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Community Engagement Scholars Program

Browse this section to learn what the Scholars Program is and why you should participate!

How to get started:

To enroll in the Scholars Program, you must first attend an Info Session. At the Info Session, you'll learn more about the program, so you can decide if it's right for you. You'll also receive application materials.

The Community Engagement Scholars Program offers these benefits:

  • Recognizes you for integrating community engagement into your educational experience.

  • Encourages you to simultaneously pursue your interests, meet your educational goals, and make a difference in your community.

  • Provides you with a foundation of analytical, reflective, interpersonal, and leadership skills through real-world experience.

  • Supports the University's mission of public engagement and outreach by fostering connections between the University, its students, and their community.

Scholar Spotlight

Allison Spicher
Service-Learning Experience:
The Introduction to Social Justice service learning course Allison took was the first place where she found words to describe the injustices she saw blatantly occurring in society. On the first day of class, Lisa (Allison's professor) said, "Social justice is when everyone gets firsts before anyone gets seconds". Although Allison has developed her own views on how she define social justice, it was this first working definition that provided a basis for her future reflections.

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