University Relations

Community Engagement Scholars Program:

ICEP Examples:
Organized an Event

Joel Imrie
Major: Family Social Science
Organization: University YMCA

The main goal of Joel's ICEP was to assist the YMCA Immersion Program in increasing the local activism of its participants. Joel traveled to San Diego and Tijuana twice in his senior year with groups of undergraduate students who met with organizations in these border cities to explore the issue of immigration. After the first trip in January, Joel noticed that all groups had trouble answering the question, "What do we do now?" after they returned. He moved the program closer to answering this question by coordinating an event for all trip participants to come together, share their stories, and brainstorm ways to apply what they learned to the Twin Cities community.

James Knowland
Major: Elementary Education
Organization: Dowling Urban Environmental School

James worked with teachers at the Dowling school to develop a weekend camping trip for third graders, paid for by a year-long fundraising program. The students participated in the fundraising process by operating a school store, which James supervised. James also created a portfolio detailing his process so that it can be replicated when he graduates. This ready-to-use plan has been beneficial in motivating elementary school students to work hard during the school year, and has provided a way for children living in the city to appreciate and experience nature.