University Relations

Community Engagement Scholars Program:

ICEP Examples:
Founded a Program or an Organization

Rebecca Mitchell
Major: Biology, Society and Environment
Organization: Student Project Africa Network (SPAN)

Throughout her years at the U of M, Rebecca worked to develop SPAN, a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting students to service organizations in Africa. For her final project (the ICEP), she created a leadership model and leadership-transition plan to ensure that SPAN continues its work for years to come.

Molly Berg
Major: Urban Studies
Organization: Jack Pine Collective

As a member of the Jack Pine Collective, Molly worked to help the collective realize its goal of creating a space where all members of a family—from babies to parents to grandmothers—can participate in creating positive social change. Her involvement centered on searching for a suitable space and raising the funds necessary to start a family-focused community center that provides an environment for skill-sharing, meetings, and art. Molly helped to raise some $5,500 in funds, and found a home for the Jack Pine Community Center on East Lake Street in South Minneapolis.