University Relations

Community Engagement Scholars Program:

Integrative Community Engagement Project (ICEP)

Hnuchee Wanglue Vang

Graduating: May 2013
Major: Sociology-Law, Criminology and Deviance
Minor: Family Violence Prevention

Volunteer Organizations: St. Paul City Attorney's Office, Ginew/Golden Eagle, Prairie Seed Academy, Jane Addams School for Democracy, International Academy-LEAP and the Aurora Center for Advocacy and Education

Hnuchee's ICEP: Hnuchee put together a wall of brochures and pamphlets that offer support to victims and survivors of domestic violence. These materials were put in the Resource Room of St. Paul City Attorney's office. She gathered the resources from community organizations in the Twin Cities.

Importance of Project: It is vital for victims and survivors to have access to resources that help them through their difficult recovery process. The resources are also useful for friends, family, and anyone who wants to support a victim/survivor of domestic violence. What's more, it is important for employees in the legal department to have that information.

Biggest Reward: The most rewarding part of the project for Hnuchee was knowing that even though she is not there physically to help victims and survivors through their difficult time, a part of her is aiding them through the resources she provided.

Biggest Challenge: A big challenge for Hnuchee was communicating with her extremely busy supervisor. Questions and ideas that Hnuchee had about the project would sometimes have to be put on hold, which made her worry she wouldn't finish the project on time.

Words of Wisdom: "The sky is really your limit. Have passion for what you are doing, but also think realistically if the project you are doing will be beneficial. Come up with ideas and talk to your supervisor about what the needs are at the organization, and if you can, somehow merge the ideas together. Communicate with your supervisor even if he or she does not ask how the project is going. It is good to always take initiative. Last, have fun with your project and work hard. It will all pay off when you graduate."

Current Work and Future Plans: Hnuchee is currently interning at the St. Paul City Attorney's Office as a Domestic Violence Crime Unit Liaison. After graduation, she looks forward to either attending Law School or getting a Master's Degree in Nursing.