University Relations

Community Engagement Scholars Program:

ICEP Examples:
Produced Educational Media

Megan Alama
Majors: Sociology, English
Organization: Aurora Center for Advocacy and Education (TAC)

A long-time volunteer at TAC, Megan researched and developed new educational materials for the organization that: help parents talk to their sons about healthy relationships; provide information to parents whose children have been assaulted; and help U of M faculty and staff respond effectively to student disclosures of assault or abuse.

Tracy Blackmon
Major: Journalism and Mass Communication
Organization: African American Registry

Tracy worked with the African American Registry to produce a documentary about the successes and barriers that African and African American students have experienced at the University of Minnesota. The documentary is used to motivate and encourage high school and middle school students to seriously consider higher education as an option, and to help them see that they can succeed in pursuing this goal.

Ibinabo Koleosho
Majors: Political Science, Sociology
Organization: Arc Greater Twin Cities

For her ICEP, Ibinabo worked with Arc, an organization that provides services and advocacy for individuals with disabilities and their families. Ibinabo enhanced Arc's civic engagement training, which educates Arc members about the legislative process and how they can most effectively influence policy decisions impacting individuals with disabilities and their families. Ibinabo completed substantial revisions to presentations and facilitator guides used for these trainings.

Sarah Mesick
Majors: Journalism, Spanish Studies
Organization: Centro de Salud

Based on her past experience working with public health organizations and the Latino community, Sarah worked with Centro de Salud for her ICEP. She created a series of conversation outlines and educational activities on public health issues that affect senior citizens at Centro.

Amber Ruel
Major: American Indian Studies
Organization: Four Winds American Indian Elementary School

Amber used the knowledge and experience she developed as an Ojibwe language learner and activist to create educational media and curriculum for Ojibwe immersion classes at Four Winds. Amber translated children's stories into Ojibwe, then created videos with voice recordings and illustrated images.

Nimo Yusuf
Major: Family Social Science
Organization: Eden Prairie Public Schools

Nimo's project involved developing an Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) curriculum for Somali parents, modeled after the existing ECFE curriculum but more culturally appropriate and sensitive to both Somali and American child-rearing practices. The curriculum included a short guide for the parent educator, the Somali interpreter, and the children's teachers. Nimo also created flyers in English and Somali to invite Somali parents to workshops that will inform and educate them about the ECFE program.