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Misc. Excellent Projects

Nirjhar (Neer) Dutta
Majors: Biology, American Studies
Organization: Minnesota Asian/American Health Coalition (MA/AHC)

As a double major in Biology and American Studies, with plans to pursue degrees in medicine and public health, Neer's ICEP combined his many interests. He helped the volunteer staff of the MA/AHC write a business plan for a proposed community health center to meet the needs of the diverse Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community in the Twin Cities. To demonstrate the need for a center to provide affordable, culturally and linguistically appropriate care to the API community, Neer researched and documented API demographics, health disparities affecting Asian Americans, and their interest in accessing both Western and traditional Eastern medical practices.

Joanna Fullmer, Political Science AND
Amanda Steepleton, English
Organization: Jane Addams School for Democracy

Joanna and Amanda worked with learning circle participants at Jane Addams to create a storytelling cookbook. The project began with a conversation on food and recipes that are important to participants, and then those recipes and the stories connected to them were recorded, translated into English, and edited.

Meizani Irmadhiany
Major: Global Studies
Organization: Aceh Film Project

Meizani worked on the Aceh Film Project to produce a documentary film about the child survivors of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Meizani took on various roles as project manager for this endeavor, including translating the entire film in order to create subtitles.

Samone Derks
Majors: English, Communication Studies
Organization: Minnesota Internship Center (MNIC) Charter School

Samone took her passion for books and reading and created a lending library for MNIC's English Academy high school location. She was able to secure grants that provided hundreds of books (worth more than $5,000) to start the collection. This will be the first library for the high school in its four-year history.

Amelia Smith
Major: Bachelor of Individualized Studies
Organization: Arise! Bookstore

A long-time member of the Arise! collective and a volunteer at their bookstore, Amelia built a "mobile info shop" the store can bring to events throughout the Twin Cities. In perhaps the only ICEP project so far that has involved the use of power tools, Amelia built a bicycle cart with built-in bookshelves to showcase some of the bookstore's wide selection of 'zines and books from independent publishers. With regular outings to local events, the mobile info shop will not only bring new sales opportunities to Arise!, it will also let people know about this collectively-run bookstore and community meeting space, a great but little-known community asset in South Minneapolis.