University Relations

Community Engagement Scholars Program:

Integrative Community Engagement Project (ICEP)

Missy Reilly

Graduated: December 2012
Major: Neuroscience

Volunteer Experience: Missy has volunteered at:

Missy's Project: The project consisted of doing research for Shriners on social networking. Though it was a smaller project than Missy had originally wanted to take on, it was the thing that Shriners needed at the time for bigger future plans. She chose this project because she wanted to do research that would be useful for the hospital and research about the individuals who volunteer their time to drive patients to the hospital from 5 different states.

Rewards: The most rewarding part of the whole process for Missy was finding a connection: a person to discuss issues with and just have that conversation with. This was a great opportunity for building a relationship and networking. Also, the project and volunteering at Shriners in general geared Missy towards her future goal of becoming a Prosthetic and Orthotic practitioner.

Student Development Outcomes: Tolerance of ambiguity is always a development outcome that Missy loves encountering in her work. With continued experiences, she understands tolerance of ambiguity more and more. Missy has also become more self-aware through reflections and sitting down to think about each of the experiences she has had in her service learning.

Advice for Future ICEP students: "Keep an open mind. Go into a new place just listening at first, and then once you feel like you are more educated on your surroundings, take part in them. Don't just go in and try to impose your culture on others. It is much more rewarding learning from the people you work with when you absorb their true culture and values before starting your role."