University Relations

Faculty Interviews

Each month, we interview a faculty member who teaches Community-Engaged Learning (CEL) courses with the purpose of sharing knowledge and resources among those interested in improving their teaching practices.

October’s feature is Dr. Melissa Licht, Lecturer in the English Department. She teaches two courses with a CEL component: English 1501: Literature and Public Life and English 3502: Nature Stories: Environmental Discourse in Action. In this interview, Melissa discusses her optional course model, ideas for reflection and advice for faculty looking to engage more deeply in their CEL pedagogy. Click here to read the full interview

March’s feature is Dr. Julie Grossman, Associate Professor in the Department of Horticultural Science. She teaches FDSY 4101: Holistic Approaches to Improving Food Systems Sustainability with a community-engaged learning component and also uses engaged research methods in her soil science lab. In this interview, Julie discusses her evolution utilizing community-engaged practices as both a teacher and researcher, her go-to reflection method, and gives advice for junior faculty looking to incorporate community-engaged work into their publication portfolio for tenure. Click here to read the full interview.