University Relations

Name Strengths Contact Information

Laura Dammer Hess
Community Engagement Scholars Program Coordinator

Communication, connectedness, futuristic, ideation, input

Phone: 612-625-3314

Laurel Hirt
Director of Community Service-Learning Center & Off Campus Study

Empathy, adaptability, connectedness, developer, strategic

Phone: 612-625-3344

David Holliday
Student Programs Coordinator
Off-Campus Study Programs

Arranger, connectedness, context, harmony, individualization

Phone: 612-624-6385

Bruce McGuire
Front Desk

Deliberative, analytical, context, input, responsibility

Phone: 612-626-2044

Katie Peacock
Service-Learning Coordinator

Activator, communication, self-assurance, strategic, woo

Phone: 612-624-2585

Monica Siems
Service-Learning Coordinator

Connectedness, adaptability, empathy, input, context

Phone: 612-624-6574

Student Staff

Name Strengths About Me

Abi Abu-Bakr
Peer Advisor

Achiever, communication, relator, futuristic, discipline

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Cat A.
Web designer/developer

Restorative, individualization, futuristic, responsibility, input

Hello! I am an art and design senior who values emotional design, user experience, and fine art married to functionality! I work with the Service-Learning center as a student web designer and developer, and in my spare time I like doing photo shoots around town.

Prakhya Bhatnagar
Peer Advisor/Front Desk Assistant

Achiever, learner, intellection, futuristic, adaptability

Hi! I'm Prakhya and am a senior majoring in Microbiology with a minor in Public Health. My ultimate goals are to go to Medical School and also work towards public health, so that I'm able to contribute to society overall and in the process evolve as a global citizen. In my free time, I enjoy relaxing with friends, doing yoga, reading books, listening to music and sleeping. I also like to keep myself busy in my academics and extracurriculars.

Prashasti Bhatnagar
Peer Advisor/Communications Assistant

Restorative, relator, strategic, learner, achiever

Hi everyone! I'm an incoming international student from India. I'm a freshman this year at the U of M, majoring in Psychology with a double-minor in Neuroscience and Public Health. I plan to make full use of the comprehensive education and exposure provided at the U, and fulfill my dream to become a Neurosurgeon. I am extremely glad to be a part of this working environment, where I get the opportunity to not only grow as a person, both personally and professionally, but also be able to contribute to the service of others.

Theresa Conely
NSE Peer Advisor

Learner, empathy, developer, positivity, harmony

Hi! I'm a senior studying Chinese, Spanish and Management. I speak 3 languages which is helpful because I am a people person looking to help others go on exchange and see the world. I am the National Student Exchange Peer Adviser, ready to answer any and all questions! I also enjoy running, traveling, dogs and coffee.

Magee Glenn Burns
HECUA Peer Advisor
Art for Social Change & Making Media, Making Change

Empathy, input, ideation, strategic, adaptability

Hi, I'm the HECUA Student Advisor for Art for Social Change and Making Media, Making Change. I'm currently a senior here at the U majoring in Studies in Cinema and Media Culture and minoring in Sociology and New Media Studies. I passionate about using digital media and storytelling for social change. I'm also passionate about marching band--I am/was in the color guard with the University of Minnesota Marching Band for four years.

Jesse Greenawald
Digital Storytelling

Restorative, developer, input, belief, harmony

Hi I'm the video production facilitator. I'm a sophomore majoring in Family Social Science. I'm from Green Bay, Wisconsin. On campus I am a part of the student groups Active Minds, University Suicide Awareness and Prevention, and Minnesota Student Association. I wish to pursue a career in professional counseling with a focus in anxiety and depression when I graduate. I have passions in storytelling and video work.

Husna Ibrahim
Peer Advisor

Maria Lee
Peer Advisor

Positivity, includer, communication, maximizer, woo

I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin and have been loving my past three years in the Twin Cities! I study Geography and am in outdoor enthusiast! I'm interested in connecting urban populations with nature. In my spare time I like to explore the cities on my bicycle

Richard Lee
HECUA Peer Advisor
Inequality in America & Race in America

Meredith Leung
Peer Advisor

Hi! I am a sophomore majoring in Applied Economics and minoring in Sustainability. I have just started as a peer advisor but have plenty of volunteer and advising experience. I am the treasurer for the Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences student group on campus. In my spare time I love to go on road trips, especially to music festivals. I am happy to answer any questions you may have and find a volunteer organization that fits perfectly for you!

Candice Meiners
Philosophy Camp Advisor

Intellection, ideation, input, empathy, and adaptability


Hello! I am a third-year senior majoring in Psychology with an English minor. After I graduate, I'll go to graduate school for a PhD in Psychology. Originally, I hail from Lawrence, Kansas, but I've gotten used to the winters up here. I am the student instructor for Philosophy Camp; feel free to ask me about that. In my free time I like spending time with friends, going to performances, like theatre and dance, I enjoy good books, writing, and drawing. I'm German-American and love traveling.

Lizzie Michaud
Peer Advisor

Context, input, learner, includer, positivity

Hi! I am a French major with a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language. I grew up in Milwaukee, WI and love being a Gopher! On campus, I am involved in MinnesoTap, but I take my involvement off campus as well, volunteering for the Ronald M. Hubbs Center as a classroom assistant. I hope to use that experience to become a French teacher and/or English teacher abroad! One fun fact about me is that I was 18 when I learned how to ride a bike.

Cora Neisen
HECUA Peer Advisor
Writing for Social Change

Hello! My name is Cora, and I am the HECUA Writing for Social Change student advisor. I'm in the Journalism School majoring in Strategic Communications and minoring in Spanish. In the future, I hope to do public relations or communications work for nonprofits. I love being active and spending time outside, so in my free time I can usually be found blissfully enjoying the outdoors.

Katy Nordhagen
HECUA Peer Advisor
Environmental Sustainability & Agriculture and Justice

Learner, connectedness, empathy, communication, adaptability

Hello! I am a final semester senior studying Urban Food Systems and minoring in Social Justice. I am passionate about exploring all the ways that food can be used as a vessel for social change. HECUA changed my life and I am now able to share my experience from the Environmental Sustainability and Agriculture and Justice programs as a student advisor. When I am not playing the role of a student, I play the roles of farmer, biker, and honeybee enthusiast.

Becca Pacis
Peer Advisor

Futuristic, relator, strategic, responsibility, communication

Hi there! I am a freshman in CLA majoring in Biology, Society, and Environment. I am cruising down the very long path to a medical career in obstetrics. I work with the Community Service Learning Center as a Peer Advisor, and in my spare time, I knit beanies and volunteer with kids.

Soham Sengupta
Peer Advisor/Front Desk Assistant

Belief, learner, input, focus, significance

Tip of the hat to thee! I'm Soham Sengupta and currently a senior majoring in Applied Economics. The Community-Service Learning Center has been home to me for over 3 years now and I'm still incredibly excited to be working here with a great team of committed and dedicated individuals (Also, humorous). I would say I have no hometown because of my nomadic upbringing (Long but awesome story) but strive to make some sort of impact wherever I go! My career compass needle is pointing towards work in Public Policy and/or Administration and would like to use my experiences to create lasting, socially-just, and inclusive solutions. After graduation, I will be joining the Teach for America Twin Corps and am looking forward to lead my own classroom of students to dramatic success here in the Twin Cities!

P.S Apart from the office, you'll find me at your favorite neighborhood eatery as I LOVE food!

Jenifer Smith
Peer Advisor

Includer, input, arranger, maximizer, significance

Hello! I'm a sophomore studying Public and Nonprofit Management and Marketing. I am a Peer Adviser in the office and also work closely with the Community Engagement Scholars Program. I absolutely love to travel and explore when I find some spare time!

Matt Steinbergs
Philosophy Camp Advisor

Nou Thao
Peer Advisor

Analytical, learner, strategic, input, arranger

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