University Relations

Get Started with Volunteering

STEP 1: Submit a Volunteer Interest Form. This short form will help us assess your interests and goals. Filling it out will also help you assess those things. Our advisors will use the form to make appropriate recommendations for you. NOTE: If you are signed into other email accounts, please logout of them before attempting to fill out this form or you will not be able to do so.

STEP 2: Schedule an appointment. After you have completed your Volunteer Interest Form in Step 1, use the link to our calendar to schedule your appointment or if you are having trouble scheduling, please call us at 612-626-2044. Don't forget to submit your Volunteer Interest Form after scheduling your appointment time online.

STEP 3: Attend your advising appointment. During your appointment, you'll meet for 15–30 minutes with an advisor to discuss your major, career plans, interests, skills, schedule, and personal goals. Via this information, we'll help you find an off-campus organization (or several) that fits your needs.

STEP 4: Contact the community organization. You will leave the advising appointment with contact information for several organizations you can follow-up with. Contact them, and get started volunteering!

Check out the video below to learn more about what to expect at your advising appointment.