University Relations

**Formerly known as the Community Service-Learning Center**

We offer the following services and programs:

  • Service-Learning Classes and Info:
    This section contains information for students, faculty, and community organizations. We are the U of M office that helps support and develop service-learning classes.
  • Volunteer Info and Advising for students:
    Many students want to volunteer in the Twin Cities but don't know how to get started. We can help.
  • Community Engagement Scholars Program:
    U of M students can participate in this program to receive official University recognition for public service.
    The Scholars program combines volunteering, service-learning classes, and a capstone project.
  • Our Community Partners in the Twin Cities:
    U of M students and faculty connect with our community partners through service-learning classes and volunteering. Our partnerships with Minnesota nonprofits are an invaluable part of our work.
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Our Related Programs:

  • HECUA: These are off-campus study programs focused on social justice. For a semester or a summer term, concentrate on the environment, the arts, urban studies, writing, civil rights, or agriculture.
  • Philosophy Camp: This 4-week summer class is a truly unique experience.